Royal Gala

Yellow-Orange ground colour with a red blush. Ideal for eating fresh out of hand. Firm and crisp. Mild and sweet in flavour. Slightly grainy texture


Also Known as Crispen. Ideal for snacks and delicious in pies and chunky sauces. Tart to sweet taste. larder than average in size. Yellow-Gold in colour.


Cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. Slightly tart. Juicy, firm and crisp. Ideal for snacks. Makes great apple-sauce.

Honey Crisp

Mottled red in colour over yellow background. Exceptionally crisp texture. Very juicy. Cream coloured and coarse flesh. Sweet in taste.

Golden Delicious

Firm and juicy. Tart to sweet taste. Slices keep their shape when baked. A favourite choice for snacks and apple-sauce. Yellow Skin.

Red Delicious

Dark red in colour. Five bumps on the bottom. Large, firm, sweet and juicy. Excellent fresh and in salads

Tolman Sweet

Pale yellow skin. White dry flesh. Sweet in taste. Ideal for baked apples. Firm, neither tender or crisp.


One of the oldest known varieties. Flushed red colouration. Pure white flesh. Soft in firmness. Quality dessert and cooking apple.


Cross between Northern Spy and Red Delicious. Medium size, red variety. Tart taste. Good fresh from hand. Makes great pie filling


Bright red skin with greenish-yellow patches. Tart taste. Keeps its great flavour when oven baked. Ideal for munching or baking. Very firm.


Sweet and tangy. Greenish-brown in colour. Slightly rough shin. Ideal for pie fillings and apple-sauce. Great as a fresh snack.

Northern Spy

Large, crisp and firm. Distinguished by bright red stripes. Very tart in flavour. Excellent for pies and baked apples. Yellowish flesh.

Paula Red

Picked early in the season. Bright red colour with some yellow. The skin has tan spots. Firm, when picked, turns soft and mealy quick. Bake down when cooked.

Jersey Mac

Picked wearly in the season. Similar to a McIntosh. Firm and tart when first picked. Softens and sweetens as the season progresses. bakes down when cooked.


Green apple with red splash. White juciy flesh. Mildly tart. Sweetens as it ripens. Excellent for eating fresh.


Mild, sweet taste. Crisp texture. Excellent for pies, salads and fruit plates. Resists browning when cut. Low acidity.

Empire Honeycrisp Golden Delicious Red Delicious Tolman Sweet Snow Spartan Idared Russet Northern Spy Paula Red Jersey Mac McIntosh Cortland Royal Gala Mutsu